• Experimental economics

  • Information economics

  • Market microstructure

  • Behavioral finance



Learning under Ambiguity: An Experiment on Gradual Information Processing. 

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presented: Bocconi University, Milan; ESA 2018, Berlin; EF 2018, Heidelberg; New York University; University of Vienna; Bilkent Unviersity; 10th FRIF, Institut Louis Bachelier Paris; Micro Reading Group, DIW Berlin; Berlin Behavioral Economics Workshop, TU Berlin; IO Brown Bag Seminar, DIW Berlin; BBE Colloquium, WZB Berlin.

Learning from unrealized vs. realized prices with Georg Weizsäcker. Conditionally accepted at AEJ: Micro.

Earlier version in pdf: DIW Discussion Paper 1487. 

presented: Columbia University, New York; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh; UCL Theory seminar, London 2016; EEA 2015, Mannheim; Econometric Society World Congress 2015, Montréal; Conference on Game Theory 2015, Stony Brook; Conference on Economic Design 2015, Istanbul; TARK 2015, Pittsburgh; Thurgau Experimental Economics Meeting, Kreuzlingen; Berlin Behavioral Economics Workshop, WZB, Berlin; Micro Reading Group, DIW Berlin; IO Brown Bag seminar, DIW Berlin.

The Common-Probability Auction Puzzle with Andrew Schotter.

        presented: University of California, Santa Barbara; Rady School of Management, University of                    California, San Diego; California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; New York University; George                Mason University, Arlington; Financial Theory and Experiments Conference, New York; IMESS, New            York.


Learning in auctions with entry decisions (with Boyan Jovanovic, TBD).

Adverse selection with correlation neglect (TBD).




Article on bounded rationality in financial markets:


"Sehen, um zu verstehen: Preiskenntnis fördert rationale Investitionsentscheidungen."

DIW Wochenbericht 34/2015 


Interview on information neglect in financial decision-making in "Nachgeforscht" series of DIW Berlin. 


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